File crfclust.bdb for ora.crf service is too big

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Écrit par Sidibe   

On Oracle RAC environment, OS and Cluster statistics are collected by the cluster monitor service ora.crf (Health Monitor Cluster (CHM)).

All collected informations are stored in the file crfclust.bdb.
Sometimes the size of the file crfclust.bdb grows so excessively to reach a size of 30 GB.
To fix the issue you must apply the Oracle patch 10165314.


You can also reduce the size using the following workaround.


1. Stopping the Cluster Health Monitor resource ora.crf as Oracle grid owner at system level.


Execute the statement below to stop the ora.crt service:


$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stop res ora.crf -init


2. Removing the Cluster Health Monitor statistics files


As root user execute the following statements:


cd $GRID_HOME/crf/db/[nodename]

rm -f *.bdb


3. Restarting the Cluster Health Monitor service ora.crf as Oracle grid owner at system level


Execute the statement below to start the ora.crt service:


$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl start res ora.crf -init


 All files are recreated by the service.

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