Streams AQ and Performance issue

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Some streams events in Oracle 10g are only Idle event.



Streams AQ: waiting for messages in the queue

The session is waiting on an empty OLTP queue (Advanced Queuing) for a message to arrive so that the session can dequeue that message.

Wait Time: The amount of time that the session wants to wait is determined by the parameter wait time

This is an idle event. There is not much explanation for the other event: Streams AQ: waiting for time management or cleanup tasks. This looks like another timer event. It does not indicate any system performance issue.

Streams AQ is not streams but rather the old concept of Advanced Queuing. In Oracle Apps, Advanced Queuing is used extensively. So above wait event is normal



"Streams AQ: qmn slave idle wait" is also an Idle wait event as the name itself explains


Regarding event called -"Streams AQ: waiting for time management or cleanup tasks".

This is an idle wait event for the QMON process. This process is in charge of doing time management operations and clean up operations on AQ and Streams queues. So it is relevant meanwhile you got this type of queues.

It should not affect performance as it is an idle wait event.



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